Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Never Forget - Never Be Forgotten

This summer I took the opportunity to go for a walk with friends in the Smoky Mountains. We came to an old cemetery far off the beaten trail. It enchanted me.

Then I found a tombstone that rocked my soul. Granted the silk flowers are faded, they could have been there for 20 to 30 years or more. But this child died in 1879! Somewhere along the way, the story of this child was told so well that she was remembered and honored over a hundred years after her death. What a remarkable testament to the power of love and memory.

Never underestimate the incredible influence of shared memory to keep those we love and those who have gone before us alive in our hearts.

Given my experiences this year with personal story and my moments of reflection in this graveyard I can’t help but believe I am on the right course with Cherish|Bound. While I know full well the best way to share a story is face to face, I also know it’s not always possible. Now, more than ever before, we need tools to help us remember and be remembered. Our world moves at such a frantic pace that we sometimes go days without connecting with the ones we love. Most people will never tell a story from the stage. Yet everyone needs to know they are valued and loved. Everyone needs to know they are an important part of the story of our lives. Everyone needs simple tangible reminders that their time on this earth has mattered.

Picture this: Chaos reigns as wrappings are torn off and squeals of delight fill the room, except in one corner all is calm. Grandma has stopped unwrapping gifts and is reading a book! Eyes misty, a smile lingers on her lips as she looks across the room towards you. Your eyes lock as she tries to whisper a thank you. Words fail her - instead she clutches the book to her chest as tears spill over her cheeks. The room falls silent as all stop to watch this tender scene. Realizing she has their complete attention, Grandma opens the book and begins to read. Gifts are put aside as everyone leans in to hear the story.

Obviously, this is no ordinary book! It's a Cherish|Bound book created just for her. It’s filled with stories and images custom selected to honor her. This is not a fictional tale, it can really happen - I've seen it!

That’s why I’ve aligned myself with Cherish|Bound. They’ve got the tools you need to find, capture and share the most priceless moments of your life. This is more than a picture book, more than a digital scrap book – this is a STORY book. From story creation to publication I'm committed to helping you succeed! NOW is the time to create the books that will lead to magical gift giving moments.

Visit www.cherishbond.com then email me at teresaclark@cherishbound.com and I’ll get you started on creating your customized story books today. It’s not too late to make this holiday season be the one everyone remembers!

Never Forget - Never Be Forgotten

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  1. YAY!!! I am so grateful that I found your blog. I have missed your storytelling and your uplifting personality! (This is Katie Johnson by the way/ Katie Coon) check me out at johnsonjunkdrawer.blogspot.com