Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Chat - Rediscovering What I Know!

Have you ever noticed that we continually forget and relearn and forget and relearn?

This is the tale of such a journey.

I know storytelling is the life blood of families. I know we make a better world each time we take a moment to listen to the memories of the people we love. But sometimes, the busy crazy moments of life get in the way. And sometimes, life takes your breath away and you don't know what to say.

That's how I felt last week. We almost lost my mother. There were a few days when I wondered how much of her we would be blessed to keep. There were a few days when she didn't recognize us or understand what was going on around her. Blessedly, that situation changed and she began to
respond and remember. That's when I forgot everything I knew. I was at a loss for words! What do you say to a loved one after such an experience? I found myself staring more than I was talking.

Then I remembered the Family Chat cards in my bag. I pulled them out and suddenly the awkward silence was filled with memory - her memories.

I'm not claiming they cured her, but I am claiming they cured me! As soon as the warmth of cherished memory cascaded over my soul I regained my footing, I caught my breath and I listened with delight.

Susan Klein reminds us, "If you were stripped of all you own, the one thing you would still have would be the stories of your life. Knowing that means also knowing that our life stories are sacred possessions."

There's no time like the present - start listening and paying attention to the stories of life found in your family - start honoring those sacred possessions!


  1. I bet you had so much fun chatting it up with Grandma. I so relieved that she is feeling better and remembering things. She needed you to bring her back. :) xoxo

  2. Family chat is my favorite!!! They pretty much rock.

  3. such a good lesson to learn! I love my grandparents dearly, and it seems they only have a small time left on this earth. i really need to take the time to go to them, sit at their feet, and listen to the stories of their lives. some of my best memories of my grandparents are those experiences of hearing their life stories. Thank you for helping me remember!

  4. we are so thankful grandma is doing better. i'm glad that you guys could go down and see her. love and family time is always the best therapy. =)

  5. I want some of those family chat cards. Where did you get them? :)
    I saw mom on Saturday. She was sleepy, but looking good. If the "magic" was your chatting, yippee! We are just so glad to have her with us again!

  6. You get the Chat Cards from me! Thye are $15.50 - I'll give you a call and we'll get some ordered. I've got tons of products and tools to get your family talking - it's not just about the publishing. I really think you'd love this stuff!

  7. Hi Teresa, while we're listening to those stories, we should be recording them as well; Tempus Fugit!

  8. Yes! We should be recording those stories - that's the point of Cherish Bound...we find the stories, share the stories then capture the stories in beautiful hard bound books!