Monday, March 23, 2009

Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Carolyn Stearns! Winner of the "Family Chat" card contest. The winner was chosen through random selection. (i.e. my 11 month old grand-daughter pulled a winner from a pile of numbered slips of paper in my hand.)

All of the entries were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed them. (You can read them too - see the comments from my post: The Most Important Things in Life) Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep checking back, I'll be launching another contest soon.

Remember as you go through your day that things my not be as they appear. Take this old house for example. At least, I always assumed it was an old house, until I actually went inside. Then I discovered it was an old school. Former students (or their children and grand children) have visited the abandoned structure over the years and scribbled memories on the walls. There are tales of children riding to school mounted three & four to a horse, or x-country skiing to school in the winter, there's random poetry, regret for neglect, and yearning for bygone days. I've always been entranced by this structure and it's unique location, but once I knew part of its story I cared even more. (You can see more pictures at my post: The Power of a Personal Tale)

Look around...are there people or places you pass every day that you think you know? Have you stopped moving long enough to learn their story? Make today the day you step beyond the assumptions!

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