Monday, November 21, 2011

Have a Ball - A Gratitude Ball

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love, love, love this holiday. The food, the family, the gratitude - what's not to love?!! I wanted to share a fun little tip for sharing the things your family is grateful for. Some of my daughters came up with this at our last family reunion and we had a BALL! ;o)

Here's how it works.
You Need:
1 Large Ball
Multiple Sharpie Markers

Throughout your time together everyone draws on the ball the things they are grateful for.
 All ages can do this. It's not about artistic ability, it's about thinking what you are grateful for and how to illustrate that. You'll be amazed at how seriously the little ones take this and what they come up with!

At the close of your time together everyone shows what they drew and tells what those pictures mean to them. It's a great way to keep folks busy, get them laughing, and get them talking, without them feeling like they are put on the spot.

Plus, the ball holds the memories long after the gathering is over. Every time you get back together the ball is available for play and remembering. Fun! Fun!

Enjoy! May your week be filled with excellent family moments, heartfelt reflections of gratitude, and yummy food. I hope you have a BALL!


  1. That was fun! I wish we all had a duplicate of that ball.
    It was a great idea!

  2. Yeah mom...duplicate balls. Get on that. :)