Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dream Fulfilled - The Journey Continues

I've been taking a few days to process all that happened at the Power of Story@Home Conference. I've talked about it and planned for it for so long it's difficult to believe its happened! But it did, and it was wonderful!!! 500 registrants - Bloggers, Family Historians, and Storytellers - all came together and recognized they each had something to learn from the other. Mmmm... I love it when that happens!

For me, however, the part of the conference that brought me the most joy was how many of our attendees were introduced to these worlds for the first time. They came not fully knowing why, but knowing they wanted to be there. They left embracing the discovery that story touches everything!

Shared laughter and insights forged and deepened family bonds.

The delight on the faces of our audiences tells the tale.

I actually got a kick out of hanging out in bathrooms and hallways to listen in as conference guests shared their delight and spoke of their plans to implement all they were learning. I'm aware of several multi-generational families who walked away already communicating on a deeper level. The conference didn't end when the doors closed. Cars full of people shared story and made plans all the way home.

Story turns hearts, it heals, it inspires, it strengthens family dynamics. Families can affect the way they view themselves and the world around them by the stories they choose to tell each other. That's powerful. I was blessed to share this weekend with my remarkable daughters. We took advantage of the I-tell booth and recorded our thoughts and stories about being Clark Women. It was a moment I will cherish forever. We just don't naturally take such opportunities. Story@Home even reminded me to magnify the meaningful family moments I hold so dear.

Storytellers went home entranced with family history research. Family historians went home ready to share the stories that make all those dates significant. Bloggers went home ready to share stories from the past as well as the present in bold and colorful ways. I've even heard from some spouses who didn't make the conference; they declare that there's no way they are going to miss out next year. Which means, of course, that there will be a next year!

Story@Home was not a flash in the pan. We're here to stay and we want to reach out to as many people as possible. But a year is so far away... So, we're taking a condensed version on the road. Look for us at selected Family History Expos. http://www.familyhistoryexpos.com/  
We'll be in Albuquerque in April.


  1. Such a great conference, and such a blessing to share it with family! Love your guts!

  2. This sounds so awesome! I can just see you doing this! Albuquerque is only 4 hours from me, but I'm due any day with baby #8, so April is not good for me. I would totally come over and see you if I could! So excited for your success! Love you!

  3. Thanks so much Emily. 8 kids!!! You are a monument among women. =) Hopefully, we will return again, so I'll hold you to that promise. It would be so good to see you. Love you too - and your whole family. Hugs!