Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heart to Heart

The stories featured on Wears Like Iron are all about generations connecting heart to heart. I crafted them imagining families bonding and snuggling closer as they listened. Yesterday, I experienced a gift of Grace as I witnessed just that. Four generations were represented in my audience. (As well as some inquisitive wild life.)                      

That spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T for me!

Tonia, my dear friend, and proprietor of the Stillwater Mansion, created a magical space for the sharing of my tales. My love of nature, people, story, and God were all beautifully represented and honored in her garden sanctuary. Consequently the afternoon felt more like a blessing than performance and my audience felt more like family.

Whenever I tell a story I feel as if I am fulfilling a calling. For whatever reason I believe I've been given this gift to help bring light and wonder more fully present into this world. I always feel satisfaction after I've told.

But yesterday was extra-ordinary, what I thought was a gift to others was actually a gift to myself.

The afternoon was renewing, affirming, enlightening, and motivating. I felt closer to those I have lost. I saw the impact of my words on the hearts of my listeners with deeper clarity. I felt embraced and carried. I felt validated and assured I should continue on.

I am left invigorated and grateful...and filled with longing to do it all again! If you weren't with us - I missed you. Tonia's garden is waiting - let me know when you want to play.

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  1. i'm happy to hear it was such a good experience for you. (p.s. you are workin' that hair! :))