Saturday, December 01, 2012

Holiday Special

Holiday Special

 I love the holidays! There's something magical about slowing down, circling the family, and celebrating the life we share. Thanksgiving was a perfect example of that for me. Four generations of our family traveled hundreds of miles to gather in my oldest daughter's home. My youngest daughter brought along her new best friend and introduced him to the family en mass! It was loud, and crazy, and fun, and filled with laughter and great food and the sharing of story. I loved every minute of it, but I think one of the things I'll cherish most was watching everyone share our family stories with my daughter's guest. It wasn't performance based at all, just a natural outflowing of explanation and joy. Families speak in short hand. We have a special code. In less than ten words we can remind everyone present of an epic event from our past. Be it funny, or sacred, or somewhere in between we all do it. It can be tough to be an outsider dropped into a family gathering, because when the shorthand starts flying they are lost and shut out. It's rarely intentional, but it happens often. However, it didn't play out that way this year. Each time the shorthand came out, someone would pause to share the back story. It was a tremendous way for our guest to hear the classic family stories and a delightful way to embrace him into the fold. It is through our family stories we choose to share over and over again with ourselves that our identity as a family is solidified.

That's why I've decided it's time for a Holiday Special. I tell family stories to help others remember and share the stories that matter most in their families. The stories I tell may not be anything like the stories that are a part of your family lore, but they are sure to trigger memories and get your family talking. That is music to my ears!

So here's the deal. For December only I'm offering 30% off my regular CD price. If you buy more than one, the savings grow exponentially. Stories are magic - they never wear out. So why not get some magic today and share it with the people you love?! Simply click the "Buy Now" button above.

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