Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love it when the Press gets it!

Got this great write up in the Ogden Standard Times.

The story I told is from my new CD, "Wears Like Iron." (You can order your copy today by using the PayPal link on the right.)

It was a fun afternoon. My favorite part was when the residents shared their stories!

You can create such priceless moments too. Join me at the Story@Home conference to learn how. (Click the Story@Home link on the right to learn more.)

By Nancy Van Valkenburg

Standard-Examiner staff


  1. You are so stinking cool! I'm super proud of my awesome momma.

  2. This is great! It is a spectacular article! "Now a white haired woman herself" ha ha - love it. I get to see you in 8 days! Woot. Woot.

  3. That was awesome press, you're lucky - and amazing!! The only question I have is, why did you not tell us about this so we could have listened in?!

  4. Aw man - I'm sorry! I told the parents, including maps and schedules, and assumed they'd spread the news. Hey! I'll be in SLC March 9 & 10th. =) You coming?

    1. I am planning on Friday, but I have my class on Saturday - sad. See you then!

  5. ha! this is so cool! i loved reading when they quoted you because i could hear those words in my head in your voice. i just love you to death and think you are one of the most amazing women in my life!! so cool that you got to do this. i'm looking forward to next week! =)

  6. Nice! Wish I could've made it!