Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Life Happens -

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"Life Happens caused me to stop and examine my beliefs. Rarely have I met up with someone who so succinctly offers insights into my deepest concerns and helps me see where I sorely lack. But without a guide, mentoring, or modeling, people don't have a clue that they have options to act differently.  I probably own and have read over 2500 books as I've considered how others interpret the world. Perhaps I had to live this much of life to recognize how valuable your information is. Your book provides tools that can be keenly and deftly employed to keep my family strong. Thank you, thank you."
- Janet Favero Chambers President and Founder 
National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

It's officially at the printers!!!  Woo hoo!!!

It's been such a humbling and gratifying experience reaching this point. There's several reasons, most of them involve gratitude.

* I feel such gratitude for having had the opportunity to co-create this work with my daughter, Taralyn.
* We feel so blessed to have been led to this place where our passions weave into one.
* We are so, so thankful for the life's experiences that made this work possible.
* We have been deeply touched and humbled by the reviews we've received so far. 

One of our workshop participants told us our message was: 

 "...powerful, inspiring, motivating, 

and vitally important for families world wide."

We are anxious to see where we go from here! One thing we've already discovered is our message is more spring board than end destination. In that spirit - we've decided to create a site where we can continue the conversation.

Check it out at: Life Happens


  1. I cannot wait to read this. I am so looking forward to it!! I am so proud of you both. Loves!

  2. Just ordered it! I also can't wait to read it :) When will it be released?

    1. Last I heard we are looking at August 15. :)