Sunday, May 01, 2016

Mothers in Nature

 I've been obsessing over motherhood this Spring.

Specifically, motherhood in nature. Part of my love for nature stems from the consistency and promise found in the passages of the seasons. Spring always comes. Nature reproduces. Mother's find a way.

Every mother has a different style. Each offspring learn to adapt to that style.

Some mothers almost seem inattentive. However, take a step towards their young and you'll find out very quickly the defenses are strong.

Some mothers hunker down and seem to hide from the world. If they can just stay small enough and blend in enough, no one will see them and thus no one will bother them. But even in this state, they are nurturing and protecting. They are doing their job the very best way they know how.

Some mother's position themselves so they can see every little movement around their sphere of influence. They are watchful and ready. They will remain between intruders and their young. 

You can tell me they are all acting on instinct. You can tell me they know no other way. I agree. But, where did that instinct come from? What is the story behind the drive they have to reproduce and protect their young. How did it come to be? 

All nature testifies. There is a higher power. There is some grand design. All nature testifies.

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