Friday, May 13, 2016

Lessons From a Robin

When I discovered the nest on my deck I was sure no robin in her right mind would lay her eggs in it. At only three and a half feet off the floor of the deck it seemed like a horrible location. Obviously, I was wrong! I couldn't believe it when I discovered four brilliant blue eggs nestled snuggly together.

Well, she'll never actually sit there, I reasoned. What robin would put herself in such harm?

Again, I was destined to be corrected. She not only sat on those eggs, she did it with constant determination and never ending vigilance. Even in the pouring rain with no shelter over head, she remained.

When the winds blew in at forty miles an hour I discovered her nest was built on a rock-solid foundation. While nests were falling out of trees all over the neighborhood, hers stood resolute and unyielding. 

When the weather changed again and the sun beat down with merciless heat she remained steadfast.

Her vigilance paid off. 

The male robin took turns on the nest too. This was a real family affair. Home caring - in the end it all comes down to families. You should have seen how they dive bombed towards me whenever I'd approach their nest. They were fearless in defense of their family.

All four eggs hatched and the helpless naked little things are growing like weeds and fluffing right up. And they are always hungry.

Robins, it seems are fastidious housekeepers. You'd think there'd be mountains of excrement building up around this home and shattered shells littering the area. Actually, there is none of that. I've watched in absolute fascination as the robin parents have gathered up all the waste and carried it off, leaving their home fresh and clean.
So, you see, you can learn a lot from a Robin. 

Build your home on a solid foundation.                  

Be sure of who you are and what your mission is. 

Don't turn tail and run when the wind blows, the rain falls, or the sun beats down.                               

Trust your mate to do their part.

Defend the homeland.

Communicate and work together through thick and thin to keep your home in order. 

And always remember to feed the kids!

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