Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Idaho?

That's the question I hear most often when I announce where I am from. It seems I live in a most misunderstood state. It humors me actually. Believe me I've heard it all!

"Ya'all live in double-wides, don't you?"
- Tennessee

"Oh yea, you must be a pig farmer!" - Texas

"Now refresh my memory, what part of Iowa is that in?" - Washington

Oh, let's not even talk about how many people have decided to simply call me: "Spud."
- Oklahoma

Of course there's always this witty little comment, "I - da - ho" (wink-wink) "You - da - pimp?" - Wyoming

So, in an effort to answer this oft-asked question, I've posted a few of the pictures I've taken of my beloved state.

Leading me to ask:

"Why not Idaho?"

Whether watching the sunset from my back door, driving to the mountains, or cruising through a ski resort, I am never disappointed by the sights and sounds I encounter. We've got big sky, fresh air, and clean living - what's not to like?

Yep - I'm Teresa Clark. I'm from Idaho.

Have I got a story for you!

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