Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Storytelling?

I thought you'd never ask! It all starts with a story, of course. When I was a teenager I found myself very frustrated in my interactions with people. Everything felt so surface, as if we were going through the motions of interacting, but never really connecting. I was blessed with a core group of friends who pushed beyond the surface connections, but I was fully aware it was a rare gift and not the norm. From that point on I have hungered for those kinds of connections. Not, "Hey, how ya' doin'? - Just passin' through." Rather, those genuine moments when souls step out of their shells and embrace.

For a long time, I searched. I confess I had come to fear our overextended techno-planet lifestyle had led to a numbing of hearts. Then one day, that all changed. I witnessed my first live storytelling performance and my soul leapt within me for joy. There was magic in that space. A collective of strangers shared an intimate journey of the heart. I was hooked. Like a parched traveler I thirsted to know more, experience more, understand more. Within a week I embarked on my storytelling quest of discovery and I have never looked back. My quest is to help people reconnect with themselves, their hopes, and their dreams. I tell so my listeners will remember what it‘s like to feel.

Over the years I have journeyed on this quest I have come to discover the source of my hunger. My Grandma, when I was ready to listen, shared tales with me of her storytelling ancestors. It seems she had a grandma and an uncle that were storytellers. Whenever they came to town, folks would gather from all over the surrounding communities to hear their stories. As time passed others told me of other ancestors who were known as storytellers - seems I'm genetically wired to be a storyteller! It's funny though - truly good storytellers listen more than they speak. It was only in the listening that I was led to understand this gift that dwells within me.

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